Goa Treasure: Cafe Lila

A Shack-style, German-owned cafe known for its hearty breakfasts and European dishes, Cafe Lila has been my go to place since 2008 and well, it sure has changed quite a bit but not necessarily in a bad way. They recently moved location and well I cant decide how I feel about it. I mean I went back to this place not just for the food … Continue reading Goa Treasure: Cafe Lila

Food For The Soul @ Smoke House Deli – DLF Promenade

Okay! Truth be told I have often just walked past this place and the only reason I have ever stepped in is to grab a quick cuppa coffee while my friend or family grabs a bite. Last weekend while I planned lunch with a friend, I was “Recommended” this place and well, I just went along not expecting much. And boy I was in for … Continue reading Food For The Soul @ Smoke House Deli – DLF Promenade

Chi Asian Cookhouse: A Must Visit!

‘Chi’ means ‘natural energy’ and the interiors of this restaurant rightfully substantiate the same. The cheery ambiance and the interesting depiction of ‘steam rising from rice’ along the flight of stairs makes for an interesting place. A reinvention of Delhi’s Pan Asian brand Chi Kitchen & Bar, Chi Asian Cookhouse builds on and represents the next phase of this wonderful journey, one that we are extremely excited about. … Continue reading Chi Asian Cookhouse: A Must Visit!

V’s Bake Shop – A Testimony to Paleo Diet

When Vidhi got in touch with us about her unique offering, we were surprised to hear of a Paleo Diet friendly bakery in our neighbourhood. But before I go ahead and talk about V’s Bake Shop, let me explain what Paleo Diet is all about. The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your … Continue reading V’s Bake Shop – A Testimony to Paleo Diet


Knock Knock! Whose there? Antidote. Antidote who? Antidote:Your 15 minute express to detoxification.  The brainchild of sisters and entrepreneurs Nadia & Carol, along with their mother Simran Singh who is a nutritionist; ANTIDOTE has been built over a strong foundation to provide complete health and nutrition through its products. What they PROMISE: “Unlike Regular Fruit Juices, Antidote Uses Carefully Calculated Nutrients. The Packaging Stems From … Continue reading ANTIDOTE – MYLK WITHOUT THE MOOO

Panchavati Gaurav, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon-Hit or Miss?

  Last evening we made our way to this restaurant for a family dinner. We needed Jain food and this place happens to deliver the same. But the bigger question is: Does it deliver in flavour and experience value? I am not sure! While comparing the food of one restaurant format with another is sheer blasphemy, I will take my chances. I love the food … Continue reading Panchavati Gaurav, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon-Hit or Miss?

Varq: An Experience Not to be Missed

Let me share an interesting fact. The little dot on this plate is neither for decoration purpose nor was it an error. This is purposefully placed on the plate to enable the servers to figure out the front face of the dish. Isn’t that interesting! There is no one who knows fine dining and north indian food better than Varq at the Taj Mahal Hotel … Continue reading Varq: An Experience Not to be Missed

WokoMama – Truly Pan Asian

Its hard to come by a restaurant that one cant get enough of. Tucked away in one corner of the city, it is definitely a hidden treasure. Although few and far know of it, we are glad to have chanced upon it for various reasons. The food is smashing. The outdoor seating is inviting. The servers are kind. The decor is simple. Over the years … Continue reading WokoMama – Truly Pan Asian